Choose Your Own Bongventure

Smokin Js is at it again! But this time, we have a whole new promotion for our Street Team. The next Street Team competition will be the ‘Choose Your Own Bongventure’ competition. What tha?!?

Check out the picture above! The winner of the ‘Choose Your Own Bongventure’ Street Team competition will get to choose any of the 7 pieces in the picture.

M&M Tech Unique Green Ice Catcher Water Pipes
M&M Tech Custom One-Off Inline Oil Rig with Flower Bowl
M&M Tech Green with Gold Fume Shower Head Water Pipe
Torcher Glass Slugnut Bubbler
Crush Glass Fumed Water Pipe with Worked Mouthpiece
M&M Tech Purple Inline Recycler
M&M Tech Unique Purple Ice Catcher Water Pipe

The ‘Choose Your Own Bonventure’ will start on October 14th and end on November 23rd. Only 10 Smokin Js Street Teams will be allowed to compete. Each team will get their own custom coupon cards for 15% off good in stores and online. The team with the highest return on their custom coupon code gets to choose their own bong.

The competing street teams will be chosen by October 5th. More prizes and details will be announced when the competition is released. If you want to join the Smokin Js Street Team click here. The Street Team is all about fun, meeting new people, and competing for prizes.