Heat on the Street 2016

Smokin Js 2016 Summer Street Team Competition

It’s that time again! The third Smokin Js street team competition will be a battle of young and old, veterans and rookies, humans and super heros, and Michigan against Washington again! Brian and Jay have set up a great battle to take place on the streets of Washington and Michigan … But this time a veteran online street teamer and a new Periscope super hero have entered the competition and are aiming to take the old guard down.

On the line this summer is a beautiful custom Red and Gold M&M Tech showerhead perc water pipe. Built like a tank and smooth as an early morning summer lake, this M&M Tech piece is the best street team competition prize to date. But wait, there’s more! The second place prize is a new Smokin Js fully digital vaporizer. Form, function, innovation, and quality make the Smokin Js portable vaporizer one of the best on the market. But wait! There’s still more. Any team that garners at least 5 coupon receipts will win a Smokin Js street team prize pack. Rolling papers, grinders, pipes … everything in the Smokin Js prize closet is eligible.

Who is competing?

Ranked #1:
Pound for Pound best street teamer in the world, Travis! Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Travis won the first Smokin Js street team event and finished in a tight 2nd place in the second street team event. He is gunning for the Heat on the Street Summer crown, and the grand prize.


Ranked #2:
Alex, the Modest Buddha. The only street teamer to thwart the power of the world number one street teamer, Alex is the defending Smokin Js street team champion. He will be looking to supplant Travis off his pound for pound ranking and solidify himself as the champion of street teaming.

Ranked #3:
Ali B, the street teamer with no body. She floats through the wires of the Internet and makes her presence known. Ali B is the greatest online street teamer of all time. She has amassed more coupon returns than every other online street teamer combined. Used to working online in a dark cave somewhere in the midwest, Ali B has entered this competition to prove you can impact the street without pounding the pavement.

Ranked #4:
Metal Mike, hailing from Vancouver, Washington. Who else can inspire the street like a man built for the street. Metal Mike is no first timer when it comes to winning prizes. He is a regular on the Js Smoke Spot web site and enthusiastic street teamer.

Ranked #5:
BtV, another Grand Rapids street teamer. BtV is an artist and confidence man. BtV art has been featured in Smokin Js retails stores, and he has been known to wrangle people right off the street to visit Smokin Js. He is looking to use his creativity and bold style to win the competition.

Ranked #6:
A super hero like no other, The Baconator_365! He is saving the world one bong at a time with his fork of jujujujujustice. This super hero is testing his super powers of influence on his fans through the Smokin Js street team. We’ll see if Periscope super hero powers translate into a competitive showing.

Ranked #7:
Tarzan. He swings from the vine of jungle networking. Hailing from Olympia, Washington. Tarzan entered his name in the Heat on the Street competition to show his love for Smokin Js and spread the positive word through the Evergreen state.

Ranked #8:
Tecate! Known more for his skateboarding prowess, Tecate has entered this street team competition to prove out his influence on the street. This is his first event. We will see if he can take the correct line as he navigates the Heat on the Street competition.

Ranked #9:
Jane, hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was raised by hippies. Her birth name is actually Mary Jane. She’s young, but she is looking to impact the street in her first competition. With her green thumb she likes to think she has the most actual street cred in the competition.

Ranked #10:
Sunshine! She may be ranked at the bottom, but Sunshine will be looking to leverage her experience with Smokin Js to vault her to street team champion. A former employee now working as a cannabis regional sale rep, Sunshine asked for this spot. She asked for this competition, and she wants that pipe!

The street team competition will run from June 21st through July 30th. Each competing street team will have their own custom coupon code for online use. Each street team will also have 250 custom business cards with the same coupon code. Smokin Js employees and stores have been instructed to obtain and save any and all street team coupon cards used for any purchase during the competition dates. Street team coupons cannot be doubled up with other in store promotions. Street team competition results should be posted by August 3rd.

Good luck, and thank you for being a part of the Smokin Js street team. Play fair, play clean, and represent Smokin Js with integrity and honesty.