Jay vs The World Anniversary Bash

The next Smokin Js Street Team event is here!  And for this event I am jumping into the deep end of the pool with you guys.  I’m ready to focus all of my 20 years experience and tenacity on beating you.  Do you have what it takes to take me down?  The special 20th anniversary Street Team competition is me against the Street Team world.  Yes, you will not just be competing against each other, but you will be competing against me for ultimate Street Team bragging rights and custom glass prizes.  I’m even putting up my custom vintage double perc bubbler from 1998 as a prize in the competition!



Each street team competitor has been given a unique code only for them.  Business cards will be shipped to each street team member with their code to distribute.  Unique codes will offer 15% off at Smokin Js physical stores and online.

Dates:  07/11 – 08/31

Total dollars earned on each street team coupon code in stores and online count toward the competition.  We have gathered special custom prizes for any street team member that beats me.  Any competitor that earns over $100 in the competition automatically will win a special anniversary Smokin Js prize pack regardless of position in the final results.  The higher the dollar amount the more custom the prize pack.

I am putting up my vintage double perc bubbler from 1997 in the prize pool.  We are also in the process of making a custom Smokin Js shower head perc water pipe manufactured by M&M Tech that will be included in the prize pool.  More about the prizes will come during the competition.  First, you have to beat me, then the custom glass prizes will be awarded to the top competitor.  First place will get to choose, and so on until all participants that beat me get a custom glass prize.  IF I win the competition I will donate $420 to the Realm of Caring not for profit cannabis charity based in Colorado.

Rules!  There are no rules!  Well, let’s get a few things straight.  I will not be able to use any Smokin Js digital property to distribute my coupon code.  I will not be able to hand out any of my business cards in any Smokin Js physical retail store.  Personal purchases will count in the competition, except for me.  Smokin Js online properties will not retweet or share any competition codes through social media for competitors.  All coupon codes and business cards will be saved and tabulated for each street team competitor at Smokin Js physical locations and online.  Brian, the Smokin Js Digital Manager will manage this Street Team Event as an unbiased third party.

Jay versus the street team world …. It’s on!  Please do not hesitate to contact Brian or I with any questions.

TheConservativeHippiePodcast@gmail.com   Brian@SmokinJs.com

Don’t forget we also created a special website just for you:  StreetTeam.SmokinJs.com