Smokin Js Spring Fling 2017 Street Team Competition

What is orange all over with pink slyme accents?  What is versatile, discreet, and yet a water filtration machine?  What is worth $500, and yet is free?  It’s the prizes in the latest Smokin Js Street Team Competition – Spring Fling 2017!

We are at it again!  We have gathered our street team members together to do battle on the streets.  From Ohio to Washington, 11 wonderful volunteers will hit the streets to preach the good word of Smokin Js.  But this time instead of one large grand prize we have selected 3 prizes to spread the love to the top three street teamers.  We are even giving away a special Smokin Js 20th anniversary to every single street team that gets a coupon returned!

What?  It’s a competition yo!  Each street team member will get a custom coupon card for Smokin Js with their very own custom coupon code.  The coupon code is valid at any Smokin Js location and even online.  The three top street teams with the highest value returned on their custom coupon cards will win!  Any team with a coupon card or code returned will get a free 20th anniversary t-shirt.

Who?  The teams in this competition are strong!  We have two former champions, and even the runner up to the last competition.  We have a ganja super hero.  We even have a mad capped professional gambler.  11 teams will do their best to come out on top.

Where?  Wherever you are you can make an impact.  Custom street team codes can be given out online or through social media.  Out and about?  Hand out your custom coupon cards at a party, or at a bar … in a boat, or in your car.  Whether near or far, the street team competition is wherever you are:)

When?  The competition starts on February 15th and ends on March 31st.  The coupon codes will expire on March 31st.  Custom coupon cards will be mailed to the Smokin Js location nearest you or mailed directly if you are out of the area.  The winners will be announced several days after the competition ends.  Prizes will be mailed out within two weeks of the competition end.

Good Luck.  Remember that you are representing Smokin Js.  Be kind, and use good judgement as you are marketing your coupon code.  Each street team that gets a card or code submitted with a purchase will receive a commemorative Smokin Js 20th anniversary t-shirt.