Devil’s Peak Recap

Smokin Js puts the Street back in Street Team!  We sent Jon Tecate Wenman to Colorado to compete in the Devil’s Peak Downhill event.  “Tecate” is a professional longboarder based in Western Washington.  We found Jon two years ago competing in a longboarding event in Cathlamet, Washington.  Since then we at Smokin Js have been big fans and supporters of “Tecate’s” climb to the top and speed to the bottom!

“Tecate” arrived safe and sound back in Washington this week with tons of stories and pictures of growth and good times.  His long term outlook is ambitious as he wants to take a run at the IDF World Title.  We at Smokin Js saw this ambition and skill long ago.  “Tecate” truly stands out on any hill with raw ability and a fearless style.

This trip to Colorado was a learning experience for “Tecate.”  He drew a murderous first heat, and finished third behind two of the world’s top ten riders.  Fun loving Jon didn’t let that spoil his party as he spent the rest of his time passing out Smokin Js swag and hanging out with fellow riders.

Smokin Js has sent “Tecate” to Houston, Albuquerque, and now Colorado.  We aren’t stopping now!  Jon is currently planning a trip to Puerto Rico and might be bombing a hill near you soon.  We will keep you posted as “Tecate” rises up through the rankings and starts conquering hills.