Ali B

It’s hard to see through the minutia of the social media buzz and white noise chatter. One soul rose above the constant buzz of the Internet to become a Smokin Js Street Team OG. Ali B found us on Twitter! As she puts it, “What’s easier than supporting a fantastic company, and receiving free products!” If it were that easy then the sky would rain Smokin Js rolling papers:) Ali B has a true talent for connecting with individuals online. Her beautiful personality shines through every wired communication.

Since becoming a Smokin Js Street Team member Ali B has received several special care packages that included Smokin Js swag, a hoodie, a Smokin Js vaporizer, and her favorite glass piece. Her success as a Street Team member comes from her participation in the Smokin Js culture and building an extensive network of like minded acquaintances on the Internet. She manages to participate with Smokin Js on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr …. WOW! It takes four people at Smokin Js to do all that!

Ali B is a dedicated photographer and describes herself as a motivated free spirit. Her kindness and open minded perspective make her an amazing Smokin Js Street Team member. Thank you Ali B for sharing your life with us and spreading the kind word about Smokin Js.